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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walking In Your Path-Empower Yourself-Walk in HIS Grace

Every since that door slammed shut, I have been working. I have been working on finding my path. I have  obtained counsel from friends and family. I felt turned around. Not upset, but turned around.  I was here and there. No plan, just Hope. No plan, just a dream. Then, I had an epiphany. I decided to walk out on a butterfly's wing. I decided to have FAITH. I decided to put my faith in HIS hands.
Things started to open. Not great big things but things. Good things. I developed a plan. I executed that plan. I learned that I was enough. Liked minded people began to collaborate. I am planning and bringing projects to fruition.
I embraced that I am amazing. I embraced that I am smart enough. I embraced that I deserve to be successful. I embraced that I have the ability to create and execute amazing and important shift in the lives of many. I embraced that I am inspirational. I am OK with it and as you read this know that if I am all of these things then you are all these things too.
I ask you to embrace your amazing self and join me on the " Getting Back To Me Women's Empowerment Webinar". Yours truly will facilitate the conflict resolution seminar.
Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling, NAACP, House Negro-Field Negro=outrage or outrageous

Donald Sterling is all over the News, thanks to TMZ sports. He was alleged to have said something to his then girlfriend's association with black folks. He did not like it. He was totally against it. He expressed this in some very strong language.

Now, we got the NAACP in LA.....well they were getting ready to honor this dude again for his support of the NAACP.  Well, it seems that Donald Sterling's racist attitude has been this way for years. He has been sued by the Department of Justice and his former General Manager. He has expressed disparaging comments against blacks and Hispanics.

He has no respect for blacks, none at all.

I do not know who I am most disgusted by; Donald Sterling's racist views or the NAACP in LA inadequacies. For years, I had respect for the NAACP, for years. Now, I am concerned about their leadership. Their willingness to sell an honor for the all mighty dollar. No investigation about the honoree. None at all.

Now for the black folks that defend Donald Sterling, I just do not get it. He has a right to say what he wants. But to speak ill of the very people, the very race of people who made him a billionaire, is just flat out wrong.

Something needs to be done and done now. Racism never went away folks. It really did not. We are not free. Racism still exist in the minds of people who truly believe that if you are a person of color, you are worthless and dumb. That cancer like thinking is resonating in our young people. We don't speak out because we are afraid to lose our jobs, our livelihoods and our reputations.

We can no longer be House Negros and protect the white man! If you are a racist, I want you gone from my sight. I will call you out. I will dismiss your presence. I will fight your cancerous movement. I will stand against your outrageous behavior. Will you stand with me?

Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva

Monday, April 28, 2014

My Word is Bond-Commitment

As many of you know I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. I work very hard in the name of my sorority. I have honed my leadership and organization skills under her wings.
On 4/26/14, 46 women became new members of my sorority.  46 accomplished, smart, driven, creative women crossed over. The Decade of DSTinction is the line name they carry with pride.
For a finite period of time I worked with these ladies. During this time I committed my time and efforts to ensure they understood the importance of allegiance and faithfulness.  Understand the beauty of kindness. Embrace the importance of authenticity.
I stuck with it. Although,  I was tired; it was a joy.  I had the opportunity to display my gifts and talents; which they eagerly absorbed.
Tired is relative when you have to press on. I gave my word. As my daddy, Ray C. said: "My word is stronger then my name on a contract. My word is my bond."
I stand by that moto. If I commit, I show up. My actions illustrated that. It showed I believed in my organization and the women they were bringing in.
Do you throw your promises about?
Do you renege often? Do people hesitate to ask you for help? Remember your word is you Brand! It illustrates who you are.
How do you want to be drawn in the book of life? As shaky and colorless or with strong solid unshakeable colors?
You pick.
Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva

Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Its, ok!, Everyone cannot be there for you."

"Its really , ok". Everyone cannot be there for you, when you expect it. They have their own STUFF. It is really, OK!
Sometimes you plan and when the execution comes into play and all the players are NOT on  the ball field. Although,  you may be confused as to why they are not there; don't be mad, cause it is OK.
Folks have a right to change their minds and allegiances. They really do and it is Ok. You have a right to forge ahead with or with them. Mind you, I am not saying "Girl they are showing their true colors."Cut them loose."
Nope not at all. The have just changed their mind and that is all. It is just OK!!
No worries.
Adventures of a Communication Diva.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cancer SUCKS! ! F#! K Cancer

This morning,  I learned that a former co-worker's cancer came back. Last week, I learned that a friend had made her transition after battling cancer.
Last year, I learned two of my favorite sorority sisters were battling. ...Cancer.

I am sick of Cancer. Cancer SUCKS!
I was diagnosed with stage one ductual carcinoma on 2/26/08.

When I heard it, it was like I was in a tunnel. I got angry and dubbed myself the breast cancer annhiliator. I decided that I would fight.  I decided I would fight. I decided that I would speak out. I decided that I would encourage and empower others by sharing my warrior spirit. 

I created a logo. A logo that encompasses all the cancer ribbons,  a sword and a crown. I wanted to illustrate that powerful warrior spirit.

On yesterday,  I received my registered trademark.  It became real. No more piece here..piece there assistance.....No No...I am launching my mission to spread my warrior spirit to fight mofo cancer until that bitch succumbs.

Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scared of the Unknown. Take your Power BACK

You ever been scared. Has a situation or person just shook you to your core? Now dig this; has a situation you left and had to revisit upset you?

I know, I know, why are you going back to the situation if it upsets you? Cause you are compelled. You feel the need to address it. Advocate for someone or something. You feel compelled to be an agent of change. Perhaps your reason isn't so noble; perhaps the way the situation ended badly and you need to fight for a better solution. Perhaps you just need to have your voice heard.

I am there. I am compelled to revisit a situation for a cornucopia of reasons. Number 1; the situation ended badly and I need to have my voice heard. Period. Point Blank. Now if I end up being an agent for change in the, but You WILL Hear Me!!

Perhaps that is why I am scared. I was hurt by the actions taken against me. I was aghast that this could happen to ME!!. Passion and insecurity colored my brain and covered my soul. I could not think.  Although, I knew what to do, inertia set in. I procrastinated. I bitched about it. I followed the timeline and met deadlines; but I made feeble attempts to prepare my case.  THEN, every communication from the entity  I am battling, HURT.  Why, does it hurt?  I did not get it. How, can someone or something that no longer had power over me, be so powerful? Simply, because I allowed it.

We are so quick to give our power away. We communicate that we are powerless in our inaction, feeble actions, whining, bitching and procrastination. Well, you know what ,I AM TAKING MY POWER BACK.  How am I doing this? I am confronting it. I am owning the outcome. I am bracing myself and facing the situation. My dad used to say, a mole hill to someone is a mountain to someone else. He also used to say, climb the wall, go around the wall or kick the mother fucker down!!

So, Today, just for Today take your POWER not allow anyone, any situation to make you feel weak, worthless or powerless. This is your world and they are just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

I am owning Today....will you?

Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Do you KNOW Your Purpose? Does Your Circle SUPPORT YOUR QUEST?

On 2/5/2014 @ 1:00 PM, a door shut. I was released to a new opportunity. Although, my release was by chance not by choice, it was necessary. It allowed to put my money where my mouth was. Stepping into my purpose. I talked the talk and now, I had to walk the walk. I was there but was I ready. I didn't know. I had faced many things. I faced cancer, I have faced death, I have lost all my possessions and found my beloved mother, dead. I truly did not know at that moment what my purpose was. I just knew, I had to walk. This was my second act.

Fast forward to Today. I am gathering information for another project. I speak to my sistah girls this morning and instantly I am hit with the following: LOVE-BOOM!! * SUPPORT-BOOM SHAKA LAKA*FAITH-BOOM SHAKA LAKA BOOM!!

As I move on into my day, I meet with one of my sistah girls in her office and her boss, who is also a close friend of hers, walks into the room. She speaks LIFE INTO THE ROOM!! You ever heard someone speak life. It is wild. It is exhilarating. She asked me if I knew my purpose. I said yes. She said good. She did not ask me what my purpose was. She just asked if I knew it.  You see, you got to know your purpose. Too often, we seek confirmation of our existence when our confirmation is already here, simply because we exist.

When we walk by Faith and not by Sight, We honor our purpose. When was ask for what we truly know that we deserve, We honor our purpose.

Do you know your purpose? Do you have friends that hit you with the right stuff? Do you have friends that speak LIFE ? If you don't, wellllll perhaps you need to rethink your circle.

Adventures of Vick, the Communication Diva

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cat Fighting or Prostitution or Being Pimped. Who wins? Not you!!

Wow. Just Wow. The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Supposedly women of accomplishment, class and distinction. Well, just damn. Then there is the "REUNION". Then there is Porsha and Kenya.

The wand, their mouths and their insightful words. Then you have "The Fight."

A wig is snatched. Someone is kicked off the show. 911 is called. Someone is arrested.
So folks is this is how we become stars ?

Fighting is never cool. Certainly cat fighting is never cool. Was this necessary?

I know that we all were drawn to it, I mean that pays the bills for Bravo. However, is this really were we have come to? Selling our souls to the all mighty dollar.
The O'Jays sang : " For the Love of Money." Perhaps, we really need to rethink, how we as black women wish to be portrayed on TV. We complain about the angry violent black woman moniker, yet we show them every day on TV that it is true.

Violence is never best. Picking on someone is not cool. Using insightful words to anger is not cool either.

Consider the 3 T's . Tone, Tempo and Timing and maybe you won't end up on video looking like a fool being pimped like a Pro.

Food for thought

Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Changes, Coping with life and its Sometimes Brilliant Hopeful Devastating Changes

The last 3 days have been a whirlwind. On Wednesday, I learned that the moderator for the forum that was being sponsored by the National Pan Hellenic Council of the Peninsula would be unable to moderate the school board section of the forum. Cool! The team agreed that I would moderate.

On Friday, the DAY of the forum, I learned that the moderator would not be able to attend at ALL! Ok, no time to collaborate with the team. I had to make an executive decision.  I would moderate both forums. Was, I nervous.....YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!! However, it was a Change that I needed to handle.

Now, its ShowTime! Due to traffic, the President of the National Pan Hellenic Council of the Peninsula was late. She had the programs and name tent cards. We started the school board forum late. It worked out. The candidates at both forums were great. There were no problems. Everything was smooth and important issues were discussed. The forum was well organized and it showed.  Voter Forum

Change reared her shimmering head and I coped. Change on Friday was an Opportunity for me to display my gifts and walk in my purpose.

Saturday, I was scheduled to facilitate a Restoration of Rights forum for the women of AKA, Zeta Phi Beta and Delta Sigma Theta. I had changes to announce! I was excited to see so many people come out in the rain to learn how they can gain their power back, how they can fully engage in community and how they gain their Voice back. The changes were well received. The audience was engaged and was honored to be there.

Then I learned someone special DIED. I learn that a strong spirit had left this earth. I learned that a woman who I had know for almost 30 years had gone. I learned that a warrior against breast cancer had lost the battle but won the war. I was devastated for a myriad of reasons. She was good people is the selfless reason and SHE DIED OF BREAST CANCER is the selfish reason. It scared me. It devastated me. It frightened me. It enlightened me. Yes, it enlightened me to the fact that life is brilliant in its kaleidoscope of experiences. We just have to ride the shimmering wave of changes, cope with them and remain Hopeful that we still can grab hold to our passions, damn our mistakes, damn our naysayers and put on our shades of courage, face life's brilliances and Walk in Our Purpose.

Adventures of Vick the Communication Diva

Friday, April 18, 2014

Power of YOUR Vote!! Elect people who LOOK OUT FOR YOU!

As you know, I am a passionate proponent for the Restoration of Rights. I developed, designed and spearheaded the Restoration of Rights One Stop Shop Clinic Concept. I have followed each Governor and updated my materials to reflect their changes.

Well yesterday, I was thrilled to be at the table with other key players and stake holders in this process and was able to hear the News! Changes are on the table, Effective April 21, 2014. The changes are as follows:
  1. Persons convicted of Drug Offenses are now classified in the Non-Violent Category. What that means boys and girls is that they request to have their rights restored on-line. This means that if you were convicted of distribution or manufacturing of Drugs, you no longer have to wait. You can submit your information now. Now you still have to have paid all your fines and be off probation or parole( off papers)...but this is monumental!!

                                         Vickie R. Wms-Cullins Restoration of Rights 
                                      Vickie R. Williams Cullins Restoration of Rights

      2. The other change on the table, is for the Violent Offender Category. You no longer have to wait 5 years to apply to have your rights restored, you only have to wait 3.

Now you may ask , why if obtaining your rights so important. Reason being , because it gives you power. What power, you might ask? It give you the Power of The Vote. If give you the opportunity to impact how your Country, State and City is run. Who runs it, shoot it might even be you, who is in Charge.

Now, is your opportunity to become informed, attend Tonight's Voter Forum @ Newport News Waterworks James Room City Center, 700 Town Center Drive, Newport News, VA 23606. @5:30 PM to 7:45 PM
See you there, Adventures of the Communication Diva

Thursday, April 17, 2014

VALUE! Valuable! ! What do you consider to be Valuable?

When you are starting your business, you are hungry.  Shoot, you better be.
Hungry for information,  for guidance,  for business. ..for $.
Wellllllll if you are starting a new business,  you probably don't have any $.
Ding Ding Ding...there are organizations who will whoo you..tell you if you join they will introduce you to businesses that will buy your service.
Pump your breaks, there are many organizations that will help you for FREE!!!
Read, research, you will find the help for FREE!!
$500 for a free certification is tooo much IMHO.
However,  its your money and you are the steward of your choose wisely.
Adventures of the Communication Diva

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I recently posted a video on my page that was originally shared by Kevin Hart. This starred a little boy about 4. This little boy was Yelling: " I am the DADDY!  I'M GROWN!!" All the while beating and slapping his chest.
Really?  Really?  Family, it is obvious this little boy has no idea about what being grown or a daddy is. All he knows if buffoonery. 
Family,  kids watch you.  They mimic you.

All communication is not verbal,  some communication is silent but just as powerful.  For good or bad!!
Adventures of the Communication Diva

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Knowledge & the Power of Your Voice

I have always been an advocate for Voting. Always! My mom often shared how in 1955 in Malvern, Arkansas, she went to the court house to register to vote. Now that was no small feat. The very idea of thinking about voting for a black person was dangerous. We have all heard the stories of many heroes, white and black who died for the right to vote. My Mom had courage.

Fast forward to April 15, 2014......... The men and women of the National Pan Hellenic Council of the Peninsula are sponsoring a Voter Information Forum. This Forum will give citizens in Hampton and Newport News and opportunity to hear what their candidates plan to do for their city.  YOU have an opportunity to pose a question. Fifty-nine years ago, my mother and other African Americans WOULD NOT have had an opportunity to ENGAGE with their candidate. Most certainly a organization comprised of African American organizations would not have had the opportunity to host such a forum.

Now make no mistake, this is not about black and white; it is about Power & Knowledge. Your Voice, Your Vote is powerful! Use your power wisely. Be informed!!

"Those too  smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber." Plato

See you @ tonights Voter Forum

Communication Diva

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Attention to DETAIL! !

I purchased tickets to a comedy show before I left to attend a statewide sorority meeting for the weekend.  I returned on Saturday afternoon.  My Hubby was irritated. I was too. I was tired as well. We get to the Funny Bone and I discover I had bought tickets for the wrong night.  Really, REALLY!  $60.00. My Hubby says attention to detail babe. Think of this transaction as a contract.  Attention to DETAIL.  Agghhhh. He was right. 

Review-check-review again.  Communication is transfer of information.  What if this had been a million dollar contract and the submission deadline had been missed?
How terrible would that have been?

Adventures of the Communication Diva

Friday, April 11, 2014

Communicate for your LIFE

Today accept your flaws. Your fuck ups. Your failures. Your fears.
Today know that you are enough.
If today, you do not have enough strength to accept them, call someone. Text someone. Facebook someone. Inbox someone. Tweet the world. We have lost enough of the special ones, we cannot lose you too.

We have a failure to Communicate

Yesterday ,  I was in a class learning how to gain business for my business.
The facilitator asked her assistant to order lunch. The facilitator said order 5 sandwiches cut in 1/2 so they will be a total of 10. Assistant said ok.
Then the assistant asked the facilitator again what to order. The facilitator repeated her direction. 
The assistant ordered and guess what? Wait for it. Wait for it. She ordered 10 cut In 1/2 which made 20. Facilitator was like no. Assistant was apologetic.  I said to the facilitator ..perhaps you weren't clear.
Facilitator became a tad defensive and said no I told her  but she doesn't always get it. Thats her way.
Ding ding...if thats her way why didn't you choose a method that works for her. Hmmmm facilitator gives thought and says I should have written down the direction.  Ding ding.
$ lesson for the day
Communicate with purpose
Know how the other party receives and processes information
Money is time and time is money
Adventures of a Communications Diva

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Who is the Communication Diva?

I am a bold, bodacious, intelligent, effervescent woman who believes in the power of COMMUNICATION.

What is communication? Simply, it  is the transfer of information.  Easy, right? Nooooooooooo. That is why you need me.

Through this blog you will learn:
The Power of Communication
The Need to Communicate effectively
How to Communicate
Ways to Communicate
How to have The Difficult Conversation